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Introduction to Zenity (Part 2)

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This article is the rest of the information on using Zenity.

Zenity is a command-line utility for Linux and Unix-like operating systems that allows you to create graphical dialog boxes and forms...

Process Management in a Terminal

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Within a terminal you can start a process, such as updating your system packages. But what if you want to perform more tasks rather than wait for the update to finish?

We can place processes in...

LFCS – Set up an E-mail Server (CentOS)

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In this article, we will cover setting up a Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) Server, which sends and receives mail to and from the Internet. We will also set up the ability to forward email...

DCA – 07 – Lock and Unlock a Swarm

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When running a swarm, there is a lot of information stored within the logs of the managing node. The information can be sensitive to security.

We store everything that is performed by the...

Introduction to Zenity (Part 1)

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Zenity is a command-line utility for Linux that allows developers and users to create graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for shell scripts and other command-line applications. It provides a simple...

Working With Nautilus Scripts

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Sometimes, you may use Nautilus and wish you could add your own script to the right-click ability on a file or folder.

In this article, we'll look at that.

Scripting Languages

To use...

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