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Photo Gallery
Flora and Forests
The plants and forests of the North thrive in spite of poor soil and harsh winters

The mountains are lovely, and the alder's green is lively and vibrant
    Animal House

Left only few of them
    Another Foliage

Late summer fireweed on a foreground of willow, spruce, and poplars
    Autumn Sky

To see this view, you must be lying in the forest, dreaming and enjoying the warm autumn sun
    Bare Trees

These leafless trees huddle together in the cold twilight
    Beach Poplar

This poplar stands in a windy spot near the ocean
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Rivers of ice, whose power to form the landscape is awesome, most of Alaska's glaciers are receding.
    Hanging glaciers

Hanging glaciers, probably near Portage
    Matanuska Glacier

The source for the Matanuska River, the great Matanuska Glacier can be seen along the Glenn Highway
    Matanuska in Autumn

The mighty Matanuska Glacier, made more dramatic by the fall foliage
    Summer Glacier

The sky is blue, the air is warm, the ice is still cold
    Worthington Glacier

This glacier is on the pass on the way to Valdez
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Home to the highest peak in North America, Alaska also has hundreds of other lovely mountain views to boast about
    "Polychrome" 2

Mountains with interesting minerals in the soil
    "Polychrome" on the Glenn Highway

Minerals in these hills create colors reminiscent of Polychrome Pass in Denali
    Alyeska 1

A winter scene near Girdwood, Alaska
    Alyeska 2

Another view near Girwood
    Alyeska 3

Skiing, anyone?
    Alyeska 4

Perfect setting for a winter walk
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The enchanting interaction of light and clouds in the sky before dark
    Evening sun

Not strictly a sunset, this is an example of the evening sun bringing out pink highlights
    Fred Meyer Parking Sunset

A view from a store parking lot
    Potter Marsh at Dusk

One of our most spectacular sunsets
    Potter Marsh Sunset 2

Day is over in the birds' paradise.
    Potter Marsh Sunset 3

The light is struggling mightily against the dark

Nature doing own beauty
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86,051 square miles of Alaska are covered by water; lakes, ponds, rivers and oceans provide ample perspective for a photographer's eye
    A Narrow Lake

This lake in Southcentral Alaska is waiting for a trout fisherman
    Alder Pond 2

The pond has almost disappeared in the cloud
    Birthplace of the Little Susitna

Hatcher Pass, where a river is born

Driftwood on the beach near Anchorage
    Fast Creek

This meltwater stream is in a hurry to get somewhere
    Fast Creek 2

Snowmelt from the mountaintop cascades down the mountain
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The subarctic climate hosts a surprisingly vibrant ecosystem, including many beautiful animals and birds

This grizzly seems to be fishing
    Dall Ram

These sheep are famous for their curling horns

This bald eagle perches high in a leafless tree near Palmer
    Ground squirrel

This little guy has found a morsel of food to munch
    Groundsquirrel 2

Kinnikinnick bushes provide a green background for this groundsquirrel pic

Not native to Alaska, llamas are kept by Alaskans for their wool and companionship
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