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Remnants of the lost continent found on a Greek island
Archeologists discovered several paintings on the rocks located at the edge of the ancient city
Author: Alaskalink.US., editor Nata
     Archeologists make discoveries in Greece on a regular basis. Yet the latest news regarding the find on Andros, the most northern island of 56 islands comprising the Cyclades, is quite a sensation, according to specialists. A team of scientists discovered the ruins of a city at the excavation site on Andros. The ruins date back to 1900 B.C., the Bronze Age.
Greek Ministry of Ministry released a special statement with regard to the find. The statement says that the ruins of four buildings are in a “pretty good shape.” Archeologists found numerous ceramic vials including big jugs and pots. They also found various household tools made of wood.
Archeologists discovered several paintings on the rocks located at the edge of the ancient city. One of the paintings features a boat and a combination of various symbols such as two open hands around a human head, and two legs and a circle. Specialists believe that the city residents worshipped the sun and painted the object of their worship they way they could.
Scientists are especially keen to examine the paintings because they resemble other paintings discovered earlier on Andros near the village of Strophylas.
The Strophylas paintings are thought to be even older than those found in the “Bronze city.” They date back to Neolithic stage. Residents of Strophylas appear to have relocated closer to coast of the sea, approximately in 3300 B.C. The items of material culture from the recently discovered city kind of form a link between two most important periods in history of civilization i.e. Neolithic stage and the Bronze Age.
It is quite noteworthy that ancient settlements on Andros were repeatedly hit by earthquakes, according to experts. Atlantis, the legendary lost continent, said to have sunk beneath the sea in this area. Some modern archeologists believe that Atlantis was destroyed by a volcanic eruption on the island of Thera located 150 km south of Andros. A gigantic tsunami washed away all cities and settlements on the islands of the Aegean Sea.
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