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International - Links
Arts and Culture
Sites celebrating the richness of music, culture and other arts
  Modern Art
The Museum of Modern Art, New York; of interest is the online Art Safari
Links to sites with a focus on global trade and commerce
  Economic Development
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, with 30 member countries
  Int'l. Monetary Fund
The International Monetary Fund was established to promote international monetary cooperation, exchange stability, and orderly exchange arrangements
  World Bank
This international bank funds many projects around the world
  World Trade
The World Trade Organization has 146 member countries
What can we do to help our brothers and sisters across the globe? Find out what we can do and what some people are doing right now.
  Foundation Center
Features a directory of private philanthropic and grant making foundations on the Internet
This is a project of Action Without Borders, listing volunteer opportunities, career center, news about 37,000 nonprofits across the world
  International Charity
Homepage of the American Council for Voluntary International Action, with a directory of member charitable organizations
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, loads much faster than the U.N. site
United Nations Children's Fund, aiding children around the world; also loads better than U.N. site
Politics and World Community
Links to informational sites with a global significance
  Green Peace
Hard to put this activist group in a category; their sometimes controversial activities usually center on environmental activism or peaceful demonstration
  Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch, defending human rights worldwide; some sobering reading
  International Labor
Homepage of the International Labor Association
  United Nations
United Nations site in 6 languages, loads very slowly due to graphics; some highlights include a cyber schoolbus; this site is not for those with a slow modem
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