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International - News
How is the world feeling today? Give yourself a global checkup.
  Global Health Council
World Health News from the Global Health Council
  New England Journal
The New England Journal of Medicine, where the physicians go for their news
Global news and events from the point of view of major international newspapers
  International Herald
International Herald Tribune Newspaper--a high quality global newspaper
  Le Monde
Online news stories, back issues, links, maps
  The Globe and Mail
Canada's news portal to the world
  World Tribune
A publication of East West News Services
Governments, world leaders, elections, human rights worldwide
  Amnesty International
Non profit organization working to protect human rights worldwide
  Harris Poll
Harris Poll online, if you enjoy letting policy makers, business and the media know what you think, you can register with this site
  Media Channel
The Global Network for Democratic Media; site contains news, info, opinion, critism, links
  NH Gazette
Opinion with a slant to the Left
  Opinion Pages
Access to the most current editorials, opinions, commentaries and columnists from English newspapers and magazines on the World Wide Web
  The New Republic
Liberal political opinion and news
International radio station directory
  Independent Media
Online footage from independent media around the world
  Web Radio
Listen to one of 4000 radio stations online
What's happening in international athletics, including the Olympics and soccer
International Association for Sports Information, an authority in the field of sports information
  Olympics Homepage
Official website of the Olympic movement, in French and English, with news, media centre and events
  Sports for the Deaf
International Committee of Sports for the Deaf
International television stations, some with Internet content
  B B C
British Broadcasting, a massive media source
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