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Real Men Eat Real Meat And Drink No Beer
Real Men Eat Real Meat And Drink No Beer
     Doctors and dieticians claim that the stronger sex has special nutritional requirements. It appears that there are considerable differences between the sexes at this point. The thing is that men’s and women’s metabolism goes in different ways.
Men suffer from cardiac arrests and strokes at a much greater extent than women. This is a fatal risk which cannot be eliminated. The only possibility to prevent those diseases is to take all possible measures to avoid a heart attack. Nutrition plays the key role here.
Many important foodstuffs are vital both for cardiovascular and reproductive systems. For example, lecithin is extremely important for sperm motility. Along with it, lecithin lowers the cholesterol level, improves the physical form, normalizes the work of the liver and prevents bacony liver. It is very important as storage of fat may result in many illnesses, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart attack and even some variations of cancer.
Strangely enough, but bacon contains a lot of lecithin. Only yolk and liver contain more lecithin. Therefore, these products should not to be excluded from men's menu.
Meat is also essential for men's health. However, meat should be natural. It is necessary to refuse from half-cooked food abounds with harmful processed fats and food chemistry.
It is an open secret that the vegetarian diet reduces libido (sexual drive). Therefore, men dislike greenery, vegetables and fruit. However, all those products are extremely important for them. A man should eat at least 4 portions of vegetables and greenery and 2.5 portions of fruit and berries a day. They neutralize the negative effects of meat: men are recommended to eat vegetable salad for dinner and supper. Greenery, vegetables and fruit are abundant with vitamins, antioxidants, dietary fibers as well as kalium and magnesium. Moreover, this is delicate food: there is no harmful fats and cholesterol in it. Berries, vegetables and fruit prevent practically all chronic diseases, including a hypertension, heart-diseases and many tumors. Besides, they help keep normal weight.
Eat vegetables and fruit of all colours. Natural colours are antioxidants that produce a positive medical effect on human health. Those men who like tomatoes have prostate cancer 45 percent less frequently than other men. Moreover, lycopene protects from variations of malignant growth. Men should eat tomatoes at least 10 times a week.
Ideal men's drinks are red wine and milk. Though beer is considered the ultimate drink for all males, it contains phytoestrogens acting like female hormones. Therefore, the excessive consumption of beer can result in feminization. Wine contains resveratrol protecting from bacony liver, cardiovascular system and the whole organism from other negative effects. Moreover, it has an effect close to Viagra. Serious research works showed that the men who drink moderate portions of red wine did not complain of sexual wekness.
A half-liter of milk a day reduces the risk of bacony liver by 62 percent. Researchers from the University in Cardiff have recently proved it. More than that normal milk has a better effect than low-fat milk as well as other dairy products. Scientists recommend taking 3-4 portions of milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese or cheese daily.
Men's health requires folic acid, ? 6, ? 12, C, ? vitamins, zinc, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids. Men should to eat bread made of cereals or coarse flour. It is recommended to eat seafood once a week and fish twice a week. Fish is rich with not only zinc and selenium, but also omega-3 acids. Similar elements can be found in walnuts and almonds, rape linseed oil and cabbage. All these products should be included in the ration as often as possible.
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